Imani Coppola

Singer/songwriter Imani Coppola is one of those musicians who truly loves her craft. Her creativity is unmatched and her diversity is wide ranging. Imani’s songwriting is fused through a “pop sensibility” but she writes in whatever genre she decides. An accomplished violinist as well, her tastes and musical influences are varied and wide ranging. Imani grew up surrounded by music, as her father is a jazz musician, her mother plays bass, and all her siblings are musicians as well.

Her successes range from the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the United Kingdom’s and Ireland’s Singles Chart to an accompanying music video which became a hit on MTV. She’s also charted in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. She’s been included on Spin’s “Songs You Need to Download Now” and has also written for scores of artists as well as for TV.

Imani currently resides in Brooklyn. – “The world needs more music like Imani’s and her joyful messages need to flow free. Please give this rock star a listen and a smile!” – “In the hyperbolic, marketing – driven universe we live in, where descriptive like “artisanal” “genius” and “gifted” are peppered about with such reckless abandon that words utterly lose their meaning, Imani Coppola is the real deal: a recording artist.”